About the Artist


My work is informed by questions . . . universal, personal, timeless.


"So, you're an artist. What kind of work do you do?"

EXCERPT from VERO BEACH weekly 32936:

Well, I work in all mediums, but my work is about “ideas.” When I say this, I wait for the smile or the look of confusion.

I continue to say that my work centers around questions, personal, universal, timeless and if they are still standing there, proceed to explain that I start with a question that interests me.

Then, I respond in the style and medium that best suits my intention that is why my work constantly evolves and looks different.  I create art as a medium of communication and to present ideas that elicit self-reflection so that the viewer can become a participant.


As an artist, my work and life are one.

I believe that working with intention is a mind-spring for creating art and that this same philosophy applies to life.

My goal is to create honest art and live an authentic life ~
a life worth living.